Automated Nutrient Formulator and Fertigation System

Never prepare or PH balance a formula again.

The Think Tank is a precision automated nutrient formulator and fertigation delivery system for the craft grower who utilizes various formulas in different stages of growth to ensure maximum yields and potency.


(Programmable Logic Controller)

State of the art, high reliability, industrial computer designed for continuous use in the manufacturing industry.

All features are accessible through a German made 15” touch screen. Engineered for serious applications, this Industrial grade, solid state computer can be updated or upgraded anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It also supports dual SIM cards for added redundancy.

Simply choose from one of your saved formulas, enter your desired volume and pH, push START. You can also create a start to harvest program for your plants. Utilizing soil moisture sensors, the Think Tank can predetermine a full watering program for your plants based on length of bloom period entered, desired length of flush period and frequency of straight water feedings.


Prepares and pH balances 15-150 gallon formulas in minutes.

All pieces are cut using state of the art laser tables then TIG welded by a master welder using 12 gauge stainless steel right here in Vancouver, BC.

Patent Pending baffled cyclonic action ensures a homogeneous mixture within minutes.


Each unit is custom built in Vancouver, BC, using key components from USA or Germany.

Every component of the Think Tank has been carefully assessed and selected for its high quality, durability and serviceability. Both the reservoir and cabinet are made to fit through a standard sized doorway.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



Boost your yields using our custom Advanced Nutrients formulas or create and save your own. Unlimited possibilities to ensure maximum quality and yields.


Dispense 1800-3600+ Gallons/day depending on the complexity of the formulas. The Think Tank has the ability to “Learn” formulas and shorten the time of the formulation each time that formula is made.

Compatible with Drain to Waste and Hydroponic gardens. Easily create small batch solutions for your special genetics.


Load up to 14 Liquid chemical nutrients to create your most complex formulas in minutes.

Although the Think Tank only has a 150 gallon reservoir, if you require 600 or 1000 gallons the system will simply make consecutive formulas until the desired volume is obtained learning the values from previous formulas for even faster mix times.


Save on labour and time. Rather than paying an employee to sit by a reservoir and pH balance, they could be tending to the plants.

The Think Tank will pay you back in the savings of one full-time employees wages. No more operator error. Perfect formulas every time.

Boost your yields by using more complex formulas that utilize supplements without having to do the math every time. 15 gallons, 43 gallons, 113 gallons or 150 gallons, it doesn't matter. Enter the exact volume you require and ensure minimal waste.


With the minimal footprint of 31" x 74". The Think Tank was engineered to fit through a doorway. It is also compatible with standard door heights.


Customizable up to 8 zones/outputs to dispense your nutrient solutions. Create 15-150 gallon formulas at a time, all day long.



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